Referral Scheme

Encourage your riders to carry their important details with them...
...and your details too.

Referral Scheme TagMost of our customers order tags with their own design engraved on one side of each tag and nothing on the back. In these cases, we engrave our logo and website address onto the other side of each of these tags.

Dual branding at no cost to you

Why not have your company name, contact details, and optionally your logo engraved on one of these tags absolutely free of charge?

No, really. What will it cost me?

Nothing... nada... zip... zilch! You promote our products; in turn, we promote you on our tags, and your customers benefit from a discount and peace of mind when on the road.

A discount for your customers

Our voucher scheme gives your customers a discount off orders they place for our tags.

How does it work?

Referral Scheme TagWe use voucher codes to identify the source of customer referrals. If a customer is referred to us from you, we engrave your details to one of the tag sides for appropriate orders.

Given the work involved in setting up your design, we simply require twenty initial referrals from you. Once we've had these, we are happy to create your customised tag design in liaison with you.

To qualify for free co-branding on our tags, all we ask is that you keep our leaflets or business cards readily accessible to your customers. We can also supply an A3 poster to alert your customers to the offer.

Which orders will qualify to have my details engraved on them?

In almost 75% of orders, a customer places an order with two blank sides. In such cases, our details are normally engraved on both blank sides. Under the referral scheme, your details will be engraved on one of these blank sides and ours will be engraved on the other.

Can I participate through my website?

Certainly. If you'd like to do this, we will give you a dedicated link to our site to use, which will identify you as the lead for the sale.

OK. I'd like to participate in the referral scheme. What next?

Complete the form below and we will contact you. We will initially send a batch of leaflets or business cards, according to your preferred option.

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